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A few weeks after the mane 6 relinquished the elements to the Tree of Harmony, Twilight sensed a rather abnormally large amount of magical activity coming from within Everfree and decided to delve into the forest to confront whatever was causing such a disturbance. The closer she came to the source, the more she realized that the location of the surge was coming from the cave where the tree still resided. Worried that some new malevolent force had come to harm the tree once more, Twilight rushed inside only to be greeted by the tall and majestic form of a unicorn unlike anything she’d ever encountered before. The strange creature, who easily towered over Twilight, regarded the young alicorn with a gentle smile, lowering her head to a more appropriate level to speak. Her words were few, but she spoke them softly as to not further startle the already flustered mare in front of her.
“Hello little one”
I’m no way in hell a writer, but I had so much fun on this image I couldn’t help but add another story paragraph to go with this. You’re perfectly free to interpret this however you want though. Also holy hell I did a background for once! It really showed just how rusty I was when trying to sketch this out the first time since I had to redo it about 3-4 times before I was even close to satisfied. I am a perfectionist about the dumbest things. Anyway I had a blast working on this and could no be happier with the result, I think my coloring style has come a long way when I want to do messy stuff. ^^
safe1897717 artist:heilos59 tree of harmony757 twilight sparkle324397 oc797374 oc:harmony (heilos)90 alicorn260417 classical unicorn4593 pony1245322 princess twilight sparkle (episode)2803 big crown thingy2668 cloven hooves11891 crepuscular rays3579 elements of harmony2637 eye contact7152 featured image1009 female1534839 flower30704 flower in hair9458 leonine tail10564 lidded eyes36281 mare577103 open mouth183132 ponified44977 raised hoof56378 scene parody961 smiling308618 spread wings68822 story included10673 surprised10656 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134587 unshorn fetlocks33172 wide eyes18347


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Background Pony #C7DB
“I am Princess Barbecue, as you can see by the BBQ fork on my head. You summoned me by putting a bottle of BBQ sauce beside the Tree of Harmony on Labor Day. Do you little ponies need help with recipes? Maybe turning over some hot dogs that are stuck to the grill?”

The original headcanon behind Lady Harmony’s birth was that, after the Plunder Vine Incident (s4e1&2 “Princess Twilight Sparkle” parts 1 and 2) was resolved, and the Elements were returned to the Tree, said Tree developed a conscious personality modeled after imprints of the personalities of the Mane 6, and transformed itself into a pony, as the last wielders of the Elements were ponies, because the nascent mind was no longer content with being rooted.
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Prince of Skrees
So it’s the tree of harmony…. as a pony? Or is the headcanon that this is it’s original form?  
Regardless, fantastic artwork!
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is he alive?
@Mugen Kagemaru  
My bad; much like @Amethyst_Crystal, I was unaware before today that such a character even existed. Seeing the “oc:harmony (heilos)” tag and people referring to her as Heilos in the comments, I assumed the two names were interchangeable. I now see that “(heilos)” is only denoting the artist; thanks for that link.
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Goth Hippie Nerd Pony
I appreciate the greater variety of subjects being shown in the feature images lately.
Didn’t know there even was a ponified tree of harmony character around,  
honestly surprised I haven’t stumbled across it by accident.
At first I just thought ‘that’s an interesting unicorn design’,  
and ‘it’s neat seeing Twilight astonished by an oc for a change’, lol.

Twilight: And if I do? What becomes of me?
HELIOS: You will be who you will be. We are our choices. And we can choose to lead Equestria away from this… darkness.
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I miss the show so much
Cool, never expected to see a Heilos image featured.
I love the idea of a ponified Tree of Harmony, I really wish they would have used it.