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@Mugen Kagemaru
I haven’t seen any fic with that, I’m just thinking that the last thing Equestria needs is a faster and stronger Lightning Dust with even less regard for the lives of other ponies.

Disturbing? Try terrifying. I think she’d render Cloudsdale uninhabitable, if there was even any of it left when she was done warming up. I can see her determined to push her newfound power to its utmost limit for no reason other than to discover what she’s capable of, without one shred of remorse for the damage she does.
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Background Pony #AD6D
Gentleladies, I think we can settle this. I am certain that such a petty thing like retarding a battle will not hinder your Holy Alliance against the Crusade of the Ragamuffins launched against you two.

Shall we settle for twenty-four bits? Or pass Noi’s vassallage from Silver Spoon to you, Diamond Tiara?
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