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safe1749835 artist:beavernator878 princess cadance33136 queen chrysalis35442 shining armor23639 changeling49759 changeling queen17674 nymph713 pegasus308922 pony1009943 unicorn342041 all glory to the beaver grenadier62 baby10694 baby cadance25 baby changedling12 baby changeling79 baby chrysalis21 baby pony6807 babying armor34 beavernator is trying to murder us132 colt15468 colt shining armor111 comic111436 cute205621 cutealis2172 cutedance1288 cuteling811 disguise4980 disguised baby changeling15 disguised changeling2812 fake cadance779 fake shining armor3 female1401303 filly69593 filly cadance77 foal15737 good end562 male387787 pegasus cadance86 shining adorable578 weapons-grade cute3758 younger17757


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Background Pony #3676
I think there should have been another panel featuring both Shining Armor and Changeling Armor before the reveal.
Background Pony #598A
I just came back from a visit to my doctor after having looked at this picture. He said I now have diabeetus and any more cuteness will kill me. Thanks a lot.
Background Pony #790E

I apologize to all anime fans everywhere.