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safe1659375 artist:jiayi148 apple bloom48408 applejack165971 big macintosh27656 bon bon16061 braeburn6187 derpy hooves49410 diamond tiara10063 fido519 fleur-de-lis3520 fluttershy207608 gilda9409 gummy4988 little strongheart807 lyra heartstrings28978 lyrica lilac275 madame leflour401 mayor mare3211 mr. turnip243 nightmare moon16583 owlowiscious1969 philomena1051 photo finish2570 pinkie pie211552 powder rouge123 princess celestia93136 princess luna97338 rainbow dash228518 rarity177588 rocky350 rover983 sapphire shores987 scootaloo50463 silver spoon6427 sir lintsalot214 spike77270 spot451 sweetie belle48149 sweetie drops16061 trixie65785 twilight sparkle294271 winona2496 zecora9159 alicorn215363 alligator1030 bird7797 buffalo920 butterfly6798 cockatrice520 diamond dog3337 dog9189 dragon53540 earth pony231704 frog604 griffon26084 owl1086 parasprite2024 pegasus273573 phoenix1742 pony923403 reptile386 unicorn304259 zebra16976 a bird in the hoof652 a dog and pony show580 applebuck season843 boast busters1079 bridle gossip749 call of the cutie681 dragonshy896 fall weather friends720 feeling pinkie keen786 friendship is magic2755 green isn't your color889 griffon the brush off739 look before you sleep777 over a barrel743 owl's well that ends well417 party of one1044 season 1578 sonic rainboom (episode)999 stare master605 suited for success835 swarm of the century689 the best night ever1323 the cutie mark chronicles931 the show stoppers551 the ticket master936 winter wrap up1062 cake9523 clothes442567 collage1306 comic105891 cute192626 cutie mark crusaders18703 dress42898 egg3774 elements of harmony2422 everypony373 female1322224 filly64014 gala dress4490 heartwarming641 male357503 mane six31147 mare458635 nostalgia87 pinkamena diane pie18797 princess2158 s1 luna7158 scene interpretation8316 season comic5 show stopper outfits282 showgirl129 stallion102812 vertical116 vertical collage9 wall of tags2850


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The few nitpicks I have are that Rainbow shouldn't be flying in the "Fall Weather Friends" part, and it should be made more clear that the egg Twilight has in "The Cutie Mark Chronicles" is Spike's.
Background Pony #10ED
"Holy Faust, Twilight, how in Tartarus did you fit all of this in one letter?!"
Background Pony #9ED8
"yes my minion…learn,and when the moment is right…we strike…"

"umm your majesty?"


"…this is the third time this week…"