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dead source25162 safe1751026 artist:mlpanon187 applejack173313 fluttershy217282 pinkie pie220256 rainbow dash238614 rarity185622 twilight sparkle306221 oc712231 oc:anon11935 earth pony266172 human158980 pegasus309321 pony1011031 unicorn342493 :t3867 angry28075 babysitting211 book34539 bow29985 clothes476218 colored pupils10137 confused4887 cuddling8584 cute205749 embarrassed11747 eyes closed98140 face doodle66 female1402320 filly69653 floppy ears54532 flying39433 frown23573 glare8303 grin40953 levitation12571 lucky bastard1732 magic75408 male388178 mane six32571 marker406 meat1960 messy mane7927 mouth hold18076 music notes3414 open mouth154495 orange960 petting1958 pinkie pie riding anon4 ponies riding humans167 pony hat431 prank1492 prone26357 question mark4700 raised eyebrow6687 raised hoof48456 reading6428 riding7609 scrunchy face7261 simple background409315 sitting65613 sleeping23942 smiling261122 snuggling6605 spread wings57098 sweat27650 telekinesis28742 tired3246 wall of tags3656 white background102521 zzz2509


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That's him, officer


Morgan Freeman: And from that moment on, little Fluttershy had adopted a whole new outlook on life. She would later go on to be a vegetarian after the dreading realization that something so bad had to taste so good.
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Note that Pinkie has poufy hair, indicating that this is after the rainboom but before they got their cutie marks, indicating a slightly increased gap in time between the two events.