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suggestive148463 artist:the-rasp-b147 pinkie pie220429 rainbow dash238841 rarity185818 earth pony266889 pegasus310026 unicorn343270 anthro269989 ass50998 balloonbutt4377 bedroom eyes61475 behind586 bottomless14014 bra16517 breasts289187 chubby13533 clothes476714 dock52131 fat22674 featureless crotch7088 female1403981 frilly underwear4509 line-up1060 looking at you176021 looking back60191 looking back at you16045 mooning344 nudity382959 panties51525 panties around legs2375 panties pulled down4020 partial nudity21414 plotline352 plump7299 polka dot underwear487 rainbutt dash3887 raised tail16117 rearity4760 see-through5369 smiling261775 sports bra3546 tanktop8080 underwear62554 undressing5357 white underwear3572


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Background Pony #51DD
I think Rarity actually has more butt cheek than Pinkie. Most of Pinkie’s is hip/thigh/calf/etc.