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@Background Pony #C3E9
there are 2 kinds of feminists right now, the ones with a mind who want equality, and the ones who want all the rights and none for men.

the logical ones can wake up and leave, most are or at least have been for years now.

and the ones who want all the rights… they will never see themselves as wrong, and if what… well, a molestia blog came back and got taken down fast so… what i heard about pinkie pony is correct, she has real mental issues and will never get better. i think that most of the sjw lot have some. usually we dont pay attention to these kind of people but they latched onto something bigger then themselves and have no clue what it means.


the raiding started in summer 06, got clamped down on, but some still want to relive those days. i never got into that shit, but it doesnt mean i cant enjoy the fire when it happens.
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@Background Pony #C3E9 Well, I was involved in the animal rights movement since the early 90s, and before and during that constantly had trouble with social service workers. I know damn well what they can do to unrelated movements when you let their kind run about unchecked. They are every bit as destructive an influence as an unrestrained banker or stock broker. Hell, worse, they don’t even need to have a lot of money to screw your life up forever, not with that damned nonexistent moral panic they’ve manufactured about scary child abductors lurking behind every bush. The sjw has been the majority stosstruppen of their movement since the failure of the ERA, and the only way to manage avoid knowing this is from picking and choosing whom to associate with.
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Background Pony #B517
Have they? All of them? Remember what I said about vocal minorities?

Has Christina Hoff Sommers , aka ’the factual feminist’? Or MemJ, the voice of Molestia and JJs girlfriend?
The majority of people I follow on tumblr call themselfes feminist or believe in feminist ideals. They also frequently call the hardliners and SJWs out on their massive bullshit.
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Background Pony #B517
>because they have no one to blame but themselves.
You do realize that you are now generalizing just as much as those SJW jackasses?
’Them people on tumblr’, ’Them gays’, ’Them women’, ’Them men’, ’them awfull bronies’, ’them atheists’, ’them religious people’, it’s all the same type of bullshit, really.

Let me tell you something I learned a while ago: Whenever there is some sort of movement or fan-community or wahtever, there will be a large body of moderates, and then the vocal minority of hatefull, possibly bigoted, jackasses who fuck it up for everyone else.

These SJWs aren’t even part of a movement, the real hardliners are just looking for an excuse to bully others and feel real good about themselves because it is ’for the cause so it’s ok when we do it’. They latch on to whatever gives them a sense of superiority.

Make no mistake, I despise people like that with every quark, lepton and boson of my being. But just like they are wrong whenever they go and bitch about how the bronies are the scum of the earth or how every straight person should die, you are equally as wrong when you go and make a blanket statement about feminists or the people frequenting tumblr.

Because I happen to be both and I am CERTAINLY not one of them.
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I feel the same way. And I notice you have ’dan’ in your name as well. We should be friends. Schadenfreude is the essense of Lulz. Lulz is shadenfreude. It’s okay to savor lulz; it’s fat free, zero calorie, and very very funny.

Tumblr getting raided is funny as hell because they have no one to blame but themselves. They started a fight they couldn’t win, and then fell to pieces when they lost. They marched into a website that is fully content to just sit in it’s little corner and do it’s evil little thing and tried to take them down with spam and shitposts. Of course 4chan thrives on that and in they went and did what they do best: be vulgar and disgusting as all hell and the SJWs had a frigging meltdown. And it was hilarious. Yeah, a few were caught in the crossfire, but you can’t make an omelete without breaking a few eggs. That’s lulz/schadenfreude for you.

It’s inflatable because the ball pit itself was an inflatable kiddie pool filled with balls.
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I seriously don’t understand what modern feminists are bitching about. For all my life, there was gender and racial equality where I lived. Hell, most of my life I had to put up with minor misandry and bullshit double standards because most of my teachers were women.

I’ve been around on this planet for twenty years and four months, and women got their rights and equality etc. more than thirty or forty years ago. This "equality" that I’m seeing now is less "woman have the same rights as men" and more "give women all rights and men none" with "everybody must be a homosexual" and "liking the gender you were born with is shameful" mixed in. This bullshit is why I never leave my house, because society is just plain bullshit right now.
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Background Pony #B517
They are not going to get it. They’ll probably grow out of the bullshit in ten years and realized what a bunch of fucknuggets they have been, but until then all this’ll do is rile them up further.
It’s like religion to them and religion can make people into stupid assholes. Huge, gaping ones. Like ’oh my god, tehre is a wind blowing and I can’t keep my shit together’ kind of gape.
Pants-on-head-retarded. Completely loco.

Or just extremists, but that doesn’t sound as funny to me.
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@Background Pony #C3E9
the problem is in the mean time they fuck over everything they touch and sjw is only getting worse because they manage to bend others to their will.

ill also be honest, they tagged feminist pics with the horrible crap. its honestly best for what old school feminism was to be forced to look up why this crap happens…
the feminist movement was hijacked, and its not a women over men movement instead of equality, if anyone is genuinely in it for equality, they are best taking up a different name because there is no taking feminism back from the insane.

if it takes… i was on /b/ at the time they were raiding and trying to amass a stockpile of shock images…. mostly animal torture for them to realise something is wrong and google what this is happening than so be it.
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