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safe (1412203)artist:dowlphin (22)maud pie (10964)absurd res (61028)cute (145078)happy (23381)happy maud (2)imminent selfcest (14)irrational exuberance (562)maudabetes (242)now neither of us will be virgins (29)out of character (582)self ponidox (6113)smiling (180035)solo (866302)what has science done (1507)when she smiles (845)xk-class end-of-the-world scenario (2029)


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Background Pony #4C67
I’m picturing this taking place in an alternate Equestria, where Maud is the Element of Laughter, albeit with her affinity towards rocks remaining. I’d love to hear who everyone else thinks is the rest of this Alt. Six.
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Comments28 comments posted