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Background Pony #8B12
well were she smile and she use Starplatinum is mean you will not die but you still be punish for your crime!

think of a evil who a kill 42 pony, Star platinum will punch you 42 x 300 mighty blow plus a spell to make sure he not die!

but if she not smile, is mean she will kill it! So is better for you she smile were she use Star platinum! jotaro kujo a teach twilight to control her own Star platinum(equestrien version) in equestria Twilight is the only pony who got a stand but she ready for fight back if somepony evil got one! the first time she use Star platinum is again tirek who escape for the 3er time and steal all magic and hold prisonier all twilight fight but time tirek will ask twilight to give her magic befor to get her friend but wont give them back! twilight it and use STAR PLATINUM THE WORLD! and she beat him 60 x 1000 time in 10 second! and tirek be beat it up! Note he not dead..yet!