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safe1724764 artist:uotapo952 daring do6452 rainbow dash235939 pegasus298963 pony984994 bed41523 blushing200598 cuddling8466 cute202567 dashabetes9497 dream2724 drool25140 eyes closed95425 female1379281 flying38713 grin39484 hug28654 mare489825 narcissism336 open mouth149448 plot80382 plushie24257 rainbow dash plushie51 rainbow dash's house358 self plushidox61 self ponidox8229 sleeping23683 smiling253685 snuggling6560 spread wings55610 uotapo is trying to murder us180 uotapo will kill us all14


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Unkle Soup

Despite actually being a pony who is surrounded by other ponies during the course of a normal day, she still cuddles a pony plushie at night. This is adorable, and its pretty easy to relate to Dashie here.
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Lost in thought
Watch the plushie beat Rainbow Dash in her dream.

Next morning:
"Rainbow, why is your plush in the trash?"
"Because it cheats."