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From the Normal Norman general.  
It’s a joke.

suggestive188480 edit171097 edited screencap89219 screencap293518 blueberry cake871 cloudy kicks496 flash sentry15004 normal norman982 rose heart768 twilight sparkle354424 equestria girls253085 equestria girls (movie)9011 g42004930 rainbow rocks19877 /mlp/5862 background human6937 brad383 comparison5304 comparison chart218 female1778698 male542243 normalcake48 normalheart4 normalkicks6 parody17351 pregnant16636 pregnant edit507 ship:flashlight3285 shipping250880 straight176221 teen pregnancy220 vulgar24966


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Background Pony #A9D0
Tbh, I think all the girls like Norman b/c of his jacket. Seeing as he’s the only one brave enough to wear such a horribly out-of-style jacket like that, they must admire his courage and bravery to endure any hate he might get because of it.
But that’s just a theory. A GAME THEORY! %sorry.%
Background Pony #1FBC
@Background Pony #643C  
David Lee Roth:  
-Best member of Van Halen  
-Left for a successful solo career  
-Fucked all the waifu’s  
-Now available on Youtube  
You were saying?
Background Pony #E4BE
Counterpoint: Normal Norman doesn’t force the audience to watch his awkward, forced romantic subplots that are doomed to go nowhere.
Background Pony #98D9
Eddie Van Halen:  
-Plays Guitar, Bass, Piano and Drums  
-Has many awesome cars  
-Created the most recognize band with his family’s last name  
-Not sure about waifu  
-Not racist  
-Too much badass clothes  
-I dunno.

You know the best thing about this comparison? It shows Norman doesn’t need fancy stuff to overcompensate for anything Flash might be lacking in :P

Men were designed to be able to impregnate many women to help keep teh species alive. If one child dies, at like 17, that’s like 17 years wasted effort if they couldn’t pass on the family genes.
Having multiple children with multiple wives you avoid this family lineage from potentially ending too soon.
Not counting twins or other similar situations and going by a 1 preggers vs more 1 baby at a time with different partners.
Normal Norman is doing his line a service. Haters gonna hate. Enjoy your one salary marriage, Flash.
Marriage is a waste of money and holds little to no value to proving your love to someone and makes people feel safe and only encourages their spouses to stop trying to impress to get laid.
Background Pony #4B7A
And yet people well still like Norman more.  
It’s okay I hate flash too.
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i’d take norman any day because he doesn’t obsess over a magical “i need to save the world” princess when perfectly good people are right in front of him!