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safe1752266 artist:phathusa505 apple bloom51039 nightmare moon17233 pipsqueak2877 princess luna100840 scootaloo51955 sweetie belle49756 alicorn233158 earth pony266587 pegasus309796 pony1012107 unicorn342990 vampire4071 wolf2039 luna eclipsed1589 animal costume2226 bride of frankenstein97 clothes476551 colt15488 costume28583 cutie mark crusaders19337 disguise4983 dracula258 female1403412 filly69750 glowing eyes11590 halloween8276 looking at you175950 male388541 mare503000 nightmare moon glamour17 nightmare night4741 open mouth154766 scared10775 scary but fun4 scootawolf44 screaming3544 sharp teeth3976 slasher smile390 spread wings57180 wide eyes17417 wolf costume187


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3-3/4" Army Man Fan
I like how we can’t see Pipsqueak’s reaction - it leaves you to imagine that either he’s screaming in terror like the others…or he’s grinning wildly because his favorite princess is doing something awesome.