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safe1902586 artist:phathusa514 apple bloom54933 nightmare moon18233 pipsqueak2962 princess luna106622 scootaloo54341 sweetie belle52162 alicorn261285 earth pony331631 pegasus375345 pony1250002 unicorn412609 vampire4691 wolf2290 luna eclipsed1703 animal costume2515 bride of frankenstein104 clothes534494 colt17126 costume33006 cutie mark crusaders20383 disguise5900 dracula265 female1539539 filly79818 glowing eyes13003 halloween9878 looking at you204235 male436187 mare579618 nightmare moon glamour19 nightmare night5154 open mouth184272 scared12033 scary but fun4 scootawolf45 screaming4044 sharp teeth4773 slasher smile422 spread wings69330 wide eyes18369 wolf costume197


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3-3/4" Army Man Fan
I like how we can’t see Pipsqueak’s reaction - it leaves you to imagine that either he’s screaming in terror like the others…or he’s grinning wildly because his favorite princess is doing something awesome.