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i think i just died a little inside of me

does anypony know his name and author?
artist needed25221 safe1572853 oc603552 oc only409090 oc:prince try hard1 alicorn194746 pony843826 seraph287 seraphicorn187 zebra15701 zebra alicorn59 alicorn oc21940 donut steel612 four ears28 joke oc167 multiple eyes306 multiple horns214 multiple wings509 not salmon2229 rainbow hair1853 scar10406 this isn't even my final form384 wat18594


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If the season finale of season 5 merge to fight against a more powerful enemy Tirek, would be great.Fusion.
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Y'know, I think it would actually make for a great villain to have a Serpentor-type character who was magically made of waaayyy too many AWESOMECOOL features stuffed into the same design, so much so that he goes completely insane and starts rampaging and forces his evil creator(s) to work with the Mane Six to defeat him.
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I'm actually impressed that the colours aren't more eyeraping. They're fairly balanced.
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Good God what the fuck am I looking at. This is….I'm scared, how could such a shitty OC exist? WHY? D: