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Tobjrn, siript selnt!


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@Background Pony #6737
All I got was Overwatch character Maaskantje 19th century motor Greuzen hut aaaa Overwatch character.

Google Translate isn't much better. The first line is "Thorbjorn >>852551 June cumin >>863111 >>964310", the second is ">>1242303 cut-off beam souls Maaskantje >>1111111, >>777 you Oslo marka >>995559 >>746915 >>753825", the third is "use >>1092723 >>799530 Norwegian >>65535 (Or >>32767 predatory Klotten) >>933268! Jean-Baptiste Greuze >>963114!" and the last is "Aaaa! My cut-off beam >>1183937, Thorbjorn…". The description is >>767816 >>1121397. That's the best I could do. I replaced the ones that didn't translate with images.