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safe1615034 artist:bluse391 pinkie pie207402 princess cadance31067 princess celestia91153 princess luna95480 twilight sparkle288217 alicorn205938 pony882634 alicorn tetrarchy1003 annoyed5162 clothes425731 covering ears96 dress41117 eyeroll542 eyes closed84039 female1285625 frown21828 gala dress4350 glare8052 grin34609 gritted teeth10846 hoof hold7632 karaoke137 karaoke box3 mare439226 microphone4654 missing accessory7642 musical instrument8581 open mouth129791 raised eyebrow6310 show accurate11738 singing5967 sitting57468 smiling224411 tambourine445 true love princesses77 twilight is not amused1314 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118339 unamused14617 unimpressed485


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The Tastiest
I stumbled upon this image again as I'm trying to drown out the sounds of my dormmate's band practicing very loudly their avant garde stuff. I have to say, I know that feel, you guys.