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Shining giving his litle sister a pony version of piggyback rides. Wheee.
I bet he could get even a grumpy tiny Twilight to have fun more easily then anyone else.
safe1552021 artist:nukilik78 shining armor21515 twilight sparkle278936 pony824150 unicorn255874 animated90857 bbbff166 bouncing3768 brother and sister3439 cute173090 daaaaaaaaaaaw3025 diabetes589 duckery in the comments91 duo47450 equestria's best brother9 featured image776 female875209 filly58280 filly twilight sparkle2413 frame by frame3006 grin32097 happy27012 heartwarming620 hnnng2223 nukilik is trying to murder us7 open mouth119967 photoshop3651 piggyback ride364 ponies riding ponies2046 shining adorable505 sibling bonding51 siblings5620 smiling209055 sweet389 sweet dreams fuel625 twiabetes9851 unicorn twilight11882 weapons-grade cute3091 younger15420


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Background Pony #D19C
Now if only Derpibooru would post more of this kind of sibling relationship and less of the sexual variety…