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Beau Skunky
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Cute wittle skunku
@Background Pony #450A  
Funny thing is, my parents were very conservative, but they didn’t mind me & my sister watching PG, or PG-13 rated movies, or “adult shows” like the Simpsons when we were kids. They never really tried to censor anything from us.
Background Pony #EC9B
I have to admit I didn’t even realize she had one breast exposed until I scrolled back up the screen. Still, there’s always a chance that some cretin will run across that image and rage about how we’re exposing kids to “pornography”…
Background Pony #EC9B
Technically speaking, that image should be between [spoiler][/spoiler] tags.
Practically speaking, the idea that children on the internet need to be protected from images that, 30 years ago, children from conservative families in the buckle of the Bible Belt would have seen in their encyclopedias seems a bit… odd. But such are the times that we live in.
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Friendship, Art, and Magic (2019) - Celebrated Derpibooru's seventh year anniversary with friends
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Yeah, except for the Sirens, all the base images I’ve found are people tied with the Borgias and that whole Machevallen period (aka Assassins Creed II), so that’s all quite apt.
Magic Man

Seriously, I WANT that royal changeling scepter! I wonder how many changelings, including her family, she had to step on to get her greedy holed hooves on that!
Magic Man

Hmmm, having difficulty pinpointing the exact changeling culture here, hmmm. I’s say maybe… Ancient Egyptian? Roman Empire?
Still, marvelous, gorgeous picture! I am very much looking forward to her issue. And also, LOVE the royal changeling scepter!