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Here is Rarity , from the new MLP cartoon .
Yes , this image was made 101% in photoshop.

Lauren faust said that the main pony on the show represent everything a girl can be .
In this case , rarity proves that a girl can be Fabulous , and Beautiful.
I based this image on the episode Dragonshy , were rarity tried to dialog with the dragon , and at the same time get some fine jewels to her .

Character created by Lauren Faust , © Hasbro

And about the MLP illustrations , here is the order of the next ones .

-Pinkie Pie Party
-Applejack at sunset
-fluttershy in the forest
-Zecora’s witchcraft
and maybe
-The great and Powerfull TRIXIE
safe (1447712)artist:14-bis (45)basil (324)rarity (159511)dragon (39188)pony (715440)unicorn (211283)dragonshy (780)artifact (995)beautiful (3781)coin (558)emerald (69)engrish in the description (55)featured image (713)female (777040)gem (4288)gold (748)greedity (93)hoard (159)jewel (276)jewelry (40352)looking at you (123535)mare (345902)necklace (12574)pearl (object) (6)raised hoof (32674)ring (1751)ruby (289)scene interpretation (7040)smiling (186713)smoke (1957)sparkles (3388)this will end in death (1751)this will end in pain (1478)this will end in pain and/or tears and/or death (17)this will end in tears (2706)this will end in tears and/or death (1938)


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Adan Druego
[IsoCon] 01-056-003-001
AD: Rarity, would you, please, stop antagonizing that poor dragon already? I know you like the jewels and they do look very good on you but still…

@Background Pony #F995
Without Fluttershy there to mediate, this could very well end rather poorly for Rarity.
This could possibly end with fire and S’more’s along with a side of marshmallow drama.
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Background Pony #816E
Minor nitpick: this doesn’t "end in death." It’s a scene interpretation from Dragonshy. We know that Rarity doesn’t die in Dragonshy. Stop adding this to every picture with a dragon in it.
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Comments44 comments posted