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Yeah, I found a new game that interests me (Darkest Dungeon) soo I drew this.
Twilight Sparkle = Occultist  
Rainbow Dash = Highway Man  
Applejack = Bounty Hunter  
Pinkie Pie = Jester  
Rarity = Grave Robber  
Fluttershy = Vestal
Honorable mentions/ideas = Zecora (Plague Doctor), Shining Armor (Crusader), Big Mac (Man-at-Arms), and Derpy (The Leper).
safe1970936 artist:metal-kitty628 applejack187748 fluttershy238105 pinkie pie238538 rainbow dash259255 rarity203099 twilight sparkle332832 earth pony361132 pegasus406326 pony1322618 unicorn446063 bounty hunter56 campfire1345 candle6037 clothes558961 crossover68831 darkest dungeon126 eyes closed120627 fire13824 forest12802 frown28782 glare8697 grave robber11 gritted teeth16594 hat108885 highwayman14 hood1747 hoof hold10865 jester353 jester pie138 mane six35336 occultist9 open mouth197623 prone30782 sitting78574 skull3795 smiling331005 vestal6


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Background Pony #4C33
I’m sorry, but… No. Just, no. My Little Pony and Darkest Dungeon=error. They don’t go together. They really don’t. I am tired of seeing this. This doesn’t need to be ponified as well. Don’t try to make Darkest Dungeon all happy and magical when it isn’t supposed to be, and don’t make MLP dark and depressing when it’s not supposed to be… Actually, I don’t care what you do with MLP as long as it stays away from everything else. Thank you very much.

Love this game.
…Just got lucky with the first hag boss. Reynauld sheared off halv of her HP bar with an awesome Holy Lance crit, and she died before the her in the pot was finished.
…Previously, the second team got codeblacked in the warrens. Should have pulled out when the old soldier dude had a heart attack…
When Darkest Dungeon wants to fuck you, you’ll feel it. But sometimes, it doesn’t.
Background Pony #A9F5

Pinkie Pie:
Oh hear me princess,  
For I must sing,  
How you are the greatest,  
At everything.  
Like letting a dragon,  
Burn down our city,  
A horrible sight,  
That wasn’t pretty,  
T’was all your fault,  
And ’tis a pityyyyy…  
You were bad,  
You are to blame,  
So hang your princess,  
Head in shame.  
La la, la la,  
La la, la la,  
La la, la la,  
La la, la la.  
The princess is bad,
She is to blame,  
She hangs her princess,  
Head in shame.  
La la, la la,  
La la, la la,  
La la, la la,  
La la, la laaaaaa!