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Didn't tag everyone. Sorry. Just for fun, too. Don't be shy. Let us know what you would do with the 5 bits to spend.
artist needed (24622) safe (1523936) aloe (2361) applejack (155043) berry punch (6004) berryshine (5996) big macintosh (26332) bon bon (15251) braeburn (6002) carrot top (5076) cheerilee (9187) derpy hooves (47379) dj pon-3 (27621) doctor whooves (9874) donut joe (733) fancypants (1729) flam (1986) fleur-de-lis (3242) flim (2110) fluttershy (192687) golden harvest (5076) hoity toity (939) lotus blossom (2516) lyra heartstrings (27133) mayor mare (2995) octavia melody (21821) photo finish (2472) pinkie pie (198586) prince blueblood (3738) princess cadance (29607) princess celestia (87681) princess luna (91691) queen chrysalis (31299) rainbow dash (213931) rarity (165098) shining armor (21172) soarin' (13074) spitfire (12531) sweetie drops (15234) time turner (9860) trixie (59795) twilight sparkle (274512) vinyl scratch (31716) alicorn (184229) earth pony (179894) pegasus (221920) pony (798871) unicorn (243676) bronybait (2749) everypony (357) female (848517) male (288851) mare (388288) princess (1989) stallion (86376)


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208 comments posted
Background Pony #0F52
I would flip two bits, then give all five to someone, based on the results of the flips.
HH = Best Pony (Fluttershy)
HT = Best Stallion (Big Macintosh)
TH = Best Princess (Luna)
TT = Best Queen (Chrysalis)
Posted Report
Background Pony #F611
Well, clearly, I'd use the five bits to get a long, romantic kiss with Fluttershy.

If she's okay with it, that is. 'Cause if she's not, I'll use them to get her out of there.
Background Pony #C80E
5 bits and so many ponies to choose from. This is a tough one…

Goes up to Fleur-de-lis.

"Hey Fleur, how many bits for a snuggle hug?"

Fleur: "10 bits."

"Darn… I've only got 5 bits on me…"

Fleur: "… …Alright, I'll let you snuggle hug me for 5 bits."

Gives her 5-bits and gets a long snuggle hug from her.

"Thanks. I feel better."

Fleur: "You're welcome."

Other ponies: "Hey! That's cheating! Snuggle hugs isn't on the list!"

Fleur: "It is now." Writes 'Fleur-de-lis Snuggle Hugs = 5 bits' on a sign and slaps it on her booth.

Other guys: "Hey! Fleur's giving out snuggle hugs for 5 bits!"

Long line forms behind Fleur's both.

Fleur: (Thinking) 'Hmmm… Looks like I'm onto something. I'm going to be more richer today than I thought.'
Background Pony #8B42
Sorry I misread it all 5 bits to Vinyl Scratch for a long passionate kiss
Background Pony #8B42
3 bits for a long passionate kiss with Vinyl Scratch & 2 bits to Princess Luna, same kind of kiss