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safe1554975 artist:nukilik78 spike74197 twilight sparkle279722 dragon46562 pony826137 unicorn257165 animated90975 annoyed4959 baby8861 baby dragon1246 baby spike654 behaving like a cat1844 book30131 bookshelf2986 curled up268 cute173542 cutie mark39534 daaaaaaaaaaaw3039 debate in the comments213 definition of insanity2 diabetes592 eyeroll526 eyes closed78345 featured image777 female879034 filly58405 filly twilight sparkle2415 floppy ears45875 frame by frame3013 frown21347 grumpy2298 hnnng2236 ladder682 levitation10302 library2826 lidded eyes24611 looking up13748 loop4722 magic64476 male298919 mama twilight1116 nukilik is trying to murder us7 nuzzling3691 photoshop3652 ponyloaf285 prone22890 reading5789 sitting53753 sleeping21326 smiling209699 snuggling6432 spikabetes1760 spikelove1126 telekinesis24067 twiabetes9940 unamused13351 unicorn twilight12155 weapons-grade cute3102 wide eyes16020 yawn1305 younger15461


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@Cirrus Light
I always thought that was because they're drawn to anything with their owner's smell on it, and/or body warmth. Or just warmth. Like how cats will hop into a basket of fresh from the dryer laundry and take a nap.