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grimdark29713 grotesque11796 artist:ahiru_765 bulk biceps3490 fluttershy217330 4koma659 akira68 comic111528 female1402687 flutterbulk239 japanese8382 literal407 male388318 nightmare fuel3837 not salmon2505 ripped170 shipping205759 straight140406 tetsuo shima22 this will end in death2534 wat19477


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Kaori is waaay better in the manga version - even though trying to bring back a god at all costs only to find he’s already dead is a good theme that only exists in the anime, the manga is better than every other way. Rather than just a worthless gf out of nowhere who dies an unceremonious death, in the manga she is a survivor who is given as a “gift” for Tetsuo by his followers along with two other girls (essentially offered for sex) and becomes the only one to survive, and he unexpectedly bonds with her not because of a romantic or sexual need (illustrating how wrong Tetsuo’s followers are) but really more as a go-to-person for sympathy and to reveal a human side to.