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dead source21992 suggestive139474 artist:baekgup334 rarity179089 equestria girls196118 suited for success839 adventure in the comments1275 bathrobe1387 bed39885 breasts269609 cleavage33679 clothes448675 crying42631 drama queen230 equestria girls interpretation553 female1335938 i'm so pathetic16 marshmelodrama791 pillow17429 robe3592 scene interpretation8406 solo1043509 solo female176805 wangst12


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Background Pony #DD41
Maybe just to tease her lol. I was thinking giving her a massage first to put her asleep. Then while she's asleep then put her in the restraints just to tease her to see her reaction then let her go. But that's just me. PS, let her go when she calms down
Background Pony #DD41
Maybe put her in some wrist and ankle restraints and a ball gag. That should calm her down