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Typo(s) fixed. Trixe -> Trixie
safe1920413 artist:doublewbrothers582 adagio dazzle14465 applejack184793 aria blaze10875 discord34150 fido567 flam2306 flim2403 gilda10445 king sombra15431 lord tirek5769 nightmare moon18352 queen chrysalis38355 rover1051 smarty pants1521 sonata dusk14836 spot498 starlight glimmer54054 trixie73343 twilight sparkle326993 alicorn264605 diamond dog3811 griffon31827 pony1267818 castle sweet castle1405 the cutie map4248 a better ending for chrysalis134 a better ending for tirek37 antagonist2050 bucket2786 butler112 button eyes185 camera4487 clothes540527 comedy382 comic121029 costume33349 crying49147 cute228497 cutealis2280 female1555494 is this supposed to be humorous92 janitor89 maid6776 male442138 mare588694 meme87858 mop306 pancakes1517 plunger129 plushie27219 season 5 comic marathon35 security camera11 servant89 tears of joy2957 tirebetes206 toilet1998 toilet plunger7 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135779 tyrant sparkle740 video camera155


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Element Of Luck
“You know I’m planning on reforming later on, right, Twilight? Not to mention that Trixie and Discord are sorta reformed already…”
“We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, Starlight. In the meantime, just enjoy all the hugs we’ll be giving each other. And don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you, just like I did with my original Smarty Pants doll.”
“You have a point, Twilight. I’ll just enjoy the comfort for now.”
Posted Report

I like to think Twilight turned the Sirens, EQG girls and Sunset Shimmer into her plushies.  
We’d all want those plushies :D
Dirty Bit
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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That's him, officer
Nah, still can’t imagine it, even if she decides to wear a tuxedo.
Besides, we all know that maids can be known to seduce or be seduced by their superiors at times. Chryssy’s good for the role :U
Nova Sol

D’aw! Trixie looks so cute in that little pose of hers. Especially like the way the author did her eyes. Now, where is the favourite button?