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One of those rare moments in which all 3 day top scoring images are safe even on "everything" filter.
safe1598075 artist:kairean150 artist:kp-shadowsquirrel1005 artist:whitediamonds475 artist:xieril302 apple bloom47092 applejack161085 pinkie pie205738 princess cadance30751 princess celestia90385 princess luna94743 rainbow dash222234 rarity172244 scootaloo49280 shining armor21863 spike75004 sweetie belle46901 twilight sparkle285795 alicorn202168 dragon49627 earth pony210033 pegasus251333 pony867472 unicorn278097 derpibooru6889 3 day top scoring24 :o3463 :q39 abstract background12347 adorabloom2513 alicorn tetrarchy998 alternate hairstyle25180 annoyed5096 backwards cutie mark3115 balancing932 beach13541 belly25377 bipedal31187 blatant lies1211 blushing179514 chest fluff33371 coach295 cute183174 cutealoo2613 cutedance1113 cutelestia3289 cutie mark crusaders18190 dashabetes8300 diapinkes8991 diasweetes2661 dilated pupils584 drink4460 eyes closed82574 face down ass up7388 featureless crotch6372 female1271105 floppy ears47000 fluffy13014 flying35031 frown21654 glare8011 grin33885 grumpy2356 heart43979 hoof hold7511 hug25755 i'm not cute358 ice cream4638 jackabetes5316 jackpot61 juxtaposition4686 laughing7306 leg fluff2619 lesbian91066 levitation10857 licking18453 licking lips3943 lidded eyes27622 looking at someone392 looking at something2350 looking at you149398 looking back50800 loop-de-hoop185 lunabetes3260 magic67254 male337784 mare431621 messy mane7221 meta16144 missing accessory7558 moonbutt3082 nuzzling3702 on back22662 once in a blue moon1 one eye closed26496 open mouth127140 plot72194 ponk926 ponytail16113 prehensile tail691 prone23762 raised hoof39963 raised leg6917 rare event1 raribetes4803 rarijack6665 rarijack daily238 rearing5193 scootaloo can fly720 shining adorable519 shiningcadance2387 shipping185996 shoulder fluff1482 simple background353605 sitting56465 smiling220641 smirk11313 spikabetes1867 spread wings48910 squee1923 stallion95628 straight126058 straw1728 stuck2352 sweat23718 sweatdrop2816 tail hold320 telekinesis25083 tongue out93007 tsunderainbow369 tsundere2672 twiabetes10650 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117141 unamused14322 underhoof47229 unshorn fetlocks22019 wall of tags2591 whistle1130 white background88461 wide eyes16203 wing fluff1465 wings83740 wink22317


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@Background Pony #EEC2

I don't fave images that i upload. just the fact that i upload them is already evidence i liked it and would have probably faved them if i somebody had uploaded them before me.

you are also forgetting the notion that there is also a lot less to say about such matters, because most of the really good artpieces are so far above the average artists' skills, that they cannot give constructive critique, while amateur porn often leaves room for critique or commenting.

… first up: Goremise said that it was "almost forced" meaning that there is a very strong indication that porn gets noticed before art, so to speak.
Lynxpet explained in quite detail the dynamic of behind this indication.
and now I'm throwing in my 2 cents.

The forcing behind the phenomenon of porn being noticed before the art is that the human brain is quite amusing in it's makeup. It has a really ancient basic nerve-system, a nice reptile portion, and that big shiny new brainmass that separates us from the average animal.
While art, in many senses is one of the most respectable forms of communication, since it requires both practice, dedication and pasion in abundance to function. It stimulates a lot of this newer more fickle parts of our minds, and makes us think.
Sex, however, has been with our ancestors since the very beginning, and thus the drive to procreate is engrained so deeply in our biology it's nigh inescapable. Porn speaks to that truly primal urge.
It should slowly be becoming clear now why the great masters painted, sculpted and drew a lot of naked people of a certain body-type a lot. The herculian men and curvacious women of ancient greko-roman art are in many ways, their combination of the "lizard-brain" and "Human brain" in our species.

And to tie it all back together, the reason why people are more inclined to draw porn instead of "real art" is that porn gets noticed by our reptilian brain, and not our frontal cortex, our "human brain". This very much has the appearance of forcing due to it's innate success, and Art, in many ways, resembles the evolutionary arms-race, in that weaker strands are quickly cut off and discarded while sucessfull art gets propagated and is able to spread it's influence.

Forced by human nature. When a human looks at something it needs to very impress them. So what type of artwork on the internet works the most? Likely adult related because while cute and awesome art works, adult reaches primal wants and needs. A art museum piece with people that understand how awesome real paintings are would be searching very hard to find anything even here to "wow" them. Sure they might like the shading on the art up there but other than that blah.

The argument from a artist of Internet style is this. Adult art gets noted first, it will get fave saved to be used for "fun" later. Good pieces of art might get a physical wow out of the person but they might not save or even comment on it.

On derp more people talk about what the art piece is saying than how good it is.

Derpi really has changed a lot over time, now artists are almost forced to pump explicit art out just to get noticed in the first place, then when they want to draw cute, and not explicit, their art actually gets noticed :/

it's good on moments like these when the explicit art is beaten though!
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fluffy sylveon
I noticed earlier today there were no explicit ones in there, even with my Spoilered Everything filter.
There were two safe, one semi-grimdark, and one questionable.
I don't know...

I remember this day. Back before I had joined the site.

I like all popular images as long as they are cute and/or sexy, and they have to have some talent and effort put in for me me to fav them.
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My 3 Day Top Scoring is always full of [EXPLICIT]cute ponies

I have explicit filtered and questionable spoilered, and it's a rare occurance that I get a set of four that doesn't have any questionable tagged, let alone without any suggestive.

Usually it's only when there is a cute, safe, animation or one of the really awesome piece like Vest's cutie mark caves.
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EqG fan + Love Liver
I think clean art and pornographic art should be treated equally, although, yeah, pornographic art shall be only for adults, or if not, anybody 15 years old and above.

@Lawful Girly

I take a pen and paper, and draw anything.

This….is art.

Anything else such as labels, abstract, furry, video game, retro, 3D 2D 4D paper art? What matters do these words mean?

Art tis art! Pixels to music to poems to photos! Art will rule the world forever!