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safe1901816 artist:lance123 rainbow dash253469 spike85273 tank2927 dragon67030 pegasus374995 pony1249295 tortoise849 tanks for the memories1545 ...2699 2 panel comic1924 comic119926 d:513 dialogue75952 exclamation point4604 fangs31115 female1538743 frown27044 glare8575 male435901 mare579194 open mouth184052 pony racism80 profile6933 racism752 simple background473478 speech bubble29029 tan background461 that's racist29 wide eyes18360


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Now you listen here, pip-pip, a racist mind is a racist kind. You take that to sleep with you tonight, because I know I’m not gonna change hearts and minds in a day. You don’t give a man a peanut and expect him to have a farm the next day. But, it’s all right. It’s all right. One day, we will all be equal on this earth, until then I’m gonna give you a kiss, muffin.
Background Pony #4189
The one where Spike teaches a phoenix to be more like a pony instead of teaching him to simply not be an asshole, because all non-ponies are degenerates.
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

So, which canon is better? The comics one where the dragons are the black people of Equestria or this one where dragons are compared to reptiles?
This is going to be so rich.