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Aharon L'anglais
I see dead ponies...
@Background Pony #2BA1
Jinkies! I’d love to see a Prancy Drew solo story featuring her friends. You know her coltfriend, Scaredy Munchies (a green pegasus), and their friend Booby Trap a (white unicorn) and his fillyfriend Danger Prone (a purple earth pony). They should also include Scaredy’s talking great dane, Messick. It would make for a great parody.
Posted Report
"I happen to enjoy more than one telling of the story"

If we were talking about the manga vs anime vs musical vs live action, you might have a point, but you’re talking about a dub that changed so much about the original it might as well be a different show.

Okay, Card Captor Sakura was far worse in that regard, but that doesn’t mean Sailor Moon gets off with a free pass.

Also, I can’t stand Crystal for different reasons than you listed, mainly because how Usagi comes off as selfish and ineffectual.

As for the English version, did you know that Viz is redubbing the original show? They’re halfway through R right now.
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I have. I grew up in those 90’s anime era. I even eventually got hold of the fan translations of the mangas back when onemanga was the main hub of scanlations.

I still, to this day, call Usagi, Serena. I LIKED that there were such different characterizations. It made rewatching the show all that much more fun.

Card Captor Sakura, now THAT was a big one! There was so much cut from that series that they once considered canceling the show on WB. I had to wait awhile before I got hold of the fan dubs for that one.

But kudos to you, however, for being a purist. I just happen to be able to enjoy more than one telling of a story. And in some ways, the English was the better in the first airing, blasphemy I know. Granted, the very first airings varied from time zone and state. Easters got them less censored.

I found it silly they changed up the gay romance when clearly the subtext in the show still gave me and others the "They are so hot for each other" between the two dude princes and the other official lesbian duo. In ways the subtler English one was hilariously bad in a good way.

I found the Japanese one to be overly cheesy at times in some episodes. Not that the ENG eps were that better or worst.

And yeah, the Manga was leagues different from the TV series. And I’m not even talking about Crystal which is basically just a direct manga to anime reboot. Personally, I’m a fan of the original far more and thank that the show’s creators got very creative with those subplots with the romance with Usagi’s best friend and Zoezite, that dude was awesome in both versions. Been forever so yeah, the red headed dude not the white/silver haired guy.

Personally I don’t enjoy Sailor Moon Crystal. It’s nice, and by far the prettiest version. But it’s so bland. So cheesy. And again, I’m thankful the manga was so far behind from finishing the first arc that the show became what it is then as I doubt it would have gotten as big as it did had it stuck originally to the Manga’s plot.
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Wasn’t bad, and references were good because they were on backgrounds and not distracting from story. But could be better ilustrated, like show more of locations instead of 80% of frame is cmc.
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@Dizzy Pen

And to add now that the comic is out, there was plenty of opportunity to drop in the references on several other panels and thus spread them out, alongside standard Ponyville filly/colts competing (like where was Snips + Snails, for example?) That’s perhaps why they stand out more, is that there’s the main characters and then there’s the references, and then — oh, that’s it, no random standard BG ponies at all. It makes it feel forced here.
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Dizzy Pen
@Background Pony #F732
The problem being that… this comic might end up feeling like an "Out-of-nowhere" Crossover (Like Double Rainbow… except not as bad, maybe).
I mean, bringing up another comic that had a cameo as a plotpoint (kinda), the Nightmare Rarity arc had Mabel Pines (Or Maybelle for pony name), but her role was important yet not so in your face. And suddenly it appears Velma pony will play an important role in this story.
Like Masem says, the problem isn’t the references. I’ll always welcome some references, but overplaying them OR using them as plotpoints can be a risky move. It can be a clever and harmless cameo that contributes to the story (Maybelle), an out of nowhere crossover nobody expected (or asked for) like Double Rainbow, or a derailing cameo that changes the whole sense or meaning of the story (Gaffer turning out to be Sam Bucket from Quantum Leap.)
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