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Flutterhugger ship ahoy!
Im conflicted though, i always shipped Fluttershy with Rainbowdash, but Tree Hugger is just too damn cute and they share some common hobbies(and that whole tree thing, you know), while Rainbowdash and Fluttershy has that opposites attract appeal, and they are childhood friends.
I dont know what to do
Humanized Tree Hugger design based on
safe1946257 artist:kibate40 fluttershy235816 rainbow dash257192 tree hugger3180 equestria girls230836 make new friends but keep discord2161 :i1794 angry32211 blushing234743 breasts336061 busty fluttershy20611 dialogue78641 equestria girls-ified11769 female1579520 flutterdash4996 flutterhugger200 high903 humanized109000 jealous1359 lesbian107616 love triangle419 possessive142 red eyes8443 red eyes take warning193 shipping227232 stoned318 this will end in pain2326 this will end in tears3815 this will end in tears and/or death2507 trio15932 yandere1003 yanderebow dash19


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Background Pony #FB75
Incoming R.D. to harsh T.H’s mellow.. with her fists. Then, it’s Stare Time. Or,, Rainbow could start shouting before punching, giving Flutters time to calm the situation down.
Background Pony #396B
Maybe Rainbow isn’t jealous. Maybe she just hates hippies like the everyone else.
Background Pony #653D
I think Rainbow Dash go more for the Overprotective Big Sibling routine instead of Discord’s Yandere routine.
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@Somber Star  
What if instead of hitting Tree Hugger, Dash instead just decides to pick up Fluttershy and walk away, or move Tee Hugger to where she won’t be a nuisance?

@Somber Star  
Plausible alternatives, and I suppose the latter could involve T.H. demonstrating the weed-fueled pacifist equivalent of Drunken Mastery(C), e.g. effortlessly sidestepping ‘till the attacker’s own blood pressure does ’em in. Or Shy reacts, which probably comes first.
Somber Star
Whatever bird that's dumber than a duck. Imagine I made the effort to research that and make a new badge for it. - Either a complete retard or a full time moron, it's hard to tell which and frankly I don't care either way

You forget Dash has a compulsion to try to beat ponies at their own game. Once she realized that Tree Hugger isn’t returning her physically violent advances, Rainbow would try to talk or goad her into doing it. That wouldn’t work, so Rainbow would get frustrated and leave, having forgotten why she was picking a fight in the first place, or actually take a swing at Tree, thereby pissing off Fluttershy.

Uh, Dashie? Murderous anti-hippie jealousy didn’t work out in the chaos lord’s favor, and I’m pretty sure you’re not Stare-proof. ‘Sides, Hugger’s liable to jack up your inner ear with some funky vibes, then dip & duck ’till you end up tripping (heavy) into traffic.