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Imagine if he gets one of those growth bursts the fics so happily give him, and he ends up worrying a ton about his new shape and appearance. If it’s resolved well it could be a really good message for the kids.
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You don’t need to think of "different" adventures to write him properly. A tiny amount of work & attention could massively improve the ones you already have.
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And Spike goes punk. He want to break all the rules, he want to act like the adults.

For example he eats candy before dinner and he does not go to sleep. He breaks in at night the cider storage.
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that's a lotta damage
I can see your point, but likewise, I don’t want to see the under appreciation thing be overdone

I’m all for a bit of good fun poking around at Spike’s ego here and there, but again, don’t overdo it
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Well I am not against SOME growth, I just dont want to see it overdone. His innocence is part of his charm I feel. Honestly, in this series, you need someone to feel under appreciated, it gives a way to show lessons on how to cope with not having the spotlight.
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They explained how the writing process for this show works at con panels and why some episodes have a "story" credit and some don’t.
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