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safe (1502329) screencap (186952) brown sugar (29) pegasus olsen (40) peggy holstein (40) sea swirl (1334) seafoam (1333) soarin' (12926) spitfire (12386) earth pony (172743) pegasus (213005) unicorn (233808) party pooped (700) 5-year-old (126) booth (163) female (826519) filly (55414) goggles (12423) male (282087) mare (375235) stallion (82769) wonderbolts uniform (5107)


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23 comments posted
Background Pony #AE10
Wonderbolts are back, yay! It's good)
Also, it would be nice, if in mlp-fim showed their love couple Soarin and Spitfire <3
Background Pony #E465
I saw the first time. Check out the Mad Man pony in front of her, they are getting some mileage from those (Pinkie harassed one on the train too).
Background Pony #80BD
I actually got really excited seeing Soarin' again. One of the few male characters I like.

I don't hate Derpy, but boy am I tired of the "background 6".
Background Pony #6608
Argh, that damn vector. She's not an actual recolor of Dash! Just really lazy recolors are, like that vector! Ugh, so annoying.
So much lazyness.