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safe1585265 artist:bluse388 adagio dazzle12006 aria blaze9158 sonata dusk12668 equestria girls182753 adoragio424 ariabetes337 clothes414195 cute181022 dazzlebetes46 female1185367 grass8419 happy27995 hnnng2294 kite744 needs more jpeg1404 open mouth125101 pinwheel (toy)12 shoes30979 shorts12500 show accurate11419 signature19626 socks57588 sonatabetes1042 sweater13194 the dazzlings4058 weapons-grade cute3284 younger15554


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30 comments posted
Background Pony #7F89
The Dazzlings look so cute when they were young girls, and why do they have those yellow bags with them
Background Pony #7A53
There comes a time in everyone's life that they must avenge their past after the devil slaughters everything they once loved with his psychopathic rampage. Those who stand and fight with their rivals will get that opportunity to avenge what they lost to the evil that never ends. The worlds of Equestria and the human world isn't what you thought it was. You don't know who you are anymore. But you still know your way. You and your sisters saw what great evil Helldrine had in him. You saw what he did to you in the past. If you stand up and fight, we can end the mindless violence that this dictator has thrown in for many years. We are the force to fight. We have the blinding light. We have the will to win. Forever we'll defend. It's time to let go and time to say goodbye. -Leonidas St. Churchill
Background Pony #7A53
We are the force to fight.
We have the blinding light.
We have the will to win.
Forever we'll defend.

I suppose that explains why they haven't tried to kill each other; it's them against the world, even without their powers.

Heh, I knew I felt a connection to the Dazzlings when I first saw them. Turns out they have a very involved history, and I value that as a staple in story-writing.
Background Pony #6363
The Dazzlings were happy beings of Equestria before the biggest tyrant of Equestria killed their parents and made them sirens.

Yeah! Why couldn't they develope their Equestria Girls personalities without growing boobs? Loli tsundere Aria would have been even cuter than the cute tsundere Aria that we did get. They should have stayed tiny!
Background Pony #4E90
I standby the theory that these three adorable sisters found the Siren's Gems at a pawn shop, made them into necklaces, and proceeded to have their souls eating alive by them.
Background Pony #B3EE
The poof is fully matured whereas the others' hair tails are just budding. Seems legit.

Dagi a best.