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AJ like a Rhodesian farmer from the 70’s years.


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"And eventually we get utterly forgotten by history, until some fucker wears our flag and shoots up a bunch of innocent black people, which suddenly makes us popular again among racists who had never heard of us before."

Nice tune, has a beat, you can mass-murder to it.
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The fact more than half of the army and business in Rhodesia were black also sort of undermines any claim that it was just another Apartheid. Smith feared communist and how they sold the blacks the idea that communist would make all of them wealthy because reasons, because their ideology is retarded and destroys every country they’re allowed to have real power. Anyone defending Zimbabwe can only be said to prefer ideology over people.
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Whoever made this picture probably never heard of the place until it made the news that Dylann Storm Roof wore the Rhodesian flag before shooting nine black people. That would be enough to give the country a halo for the editor, no doubt.

Long and the short of it is that Rhodesia existed solely to maintain the power of the white colonialist minority over the native Africans. Nobody ever recognized it and it shortly reorganized as another country. I think that’s a pretty good definition of a failed state.
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"Failed" in what sense? Rhodesia was a country far more advanced economically and technologically than most African countries of the time.
Of course it had racial laws, so it wasn’t a dream land if you were black back then.

But I think the worst part came when it was swallowed by guerrilla factions. You know nothing good can come out of them.
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@Background Pony #52F1
Rhoesia was anti-communist, not racists. I suggest you try to find apartheid like laws in their law code. It might be an enlightening experience for you. Everything Smith predicted would happen has happened, and all his predictions were based upon the fact the armies fight the Rhodesian were communist that couldn’t be trusted, using cheap rhetoric to get the supports of the blacks. These communist, like communist and socialists are wont to do, eventually destroyed the lives of those very people they got the support of and blame those who didn’t for their continous failure.

I can’t speak for the others, but rhodesia wasn’t a failed state. It was a growing economy that was raising the standard of living of everyone in their territory, produced roughly 25-35% of all the food that Africa was making at the moment, and many other achievements. Zimbabwe, the resulting state after giving power to the communist? Now that’s a failed state. Rhodesia wasn’t perfect, but it literally didn’t fuck its popilation over government policy.
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