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safe1899721 artist:heilos59 discord33904 tree of harmony758 twilight sparkle324609 oc798667 oc:harmony (heilos)90 alicorn260757 classical unicorn4603 draconequus15738 pony1247240 angry31101 big crown thingy2670 cloven hooves11909 cuddling9303 elements of harmony2640 female1536635 flower in hair9473 leonine tail10593 male435221 mare578160 ponified45005 simple background472505 sleeping25754 snuggling6876 surprised10678 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134691 unshorn fetlocks33260 white background120931


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Background Pony #2E90
ToH: “I’ve clipped my hoof because of your distractions, SEE?”  
D: “Calm down mare, jeez.”
Background Pony #3BB8
Harmony: YOU BLEW IT DISCORD! I know you’re reformed, but I still suffered the fall out of your past actions.