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Everyone’s favorite canon lesbian couple immortalized as a spoiler pic!
safe (1430087)artist:dtkraus (445)bon bon (14652)lyra heartstrings (26109)sweetie drops (14641)derpibooru (6291)bedroom eyes (44399)best friends (535)couple (3875)cute (148759)female (760793)hug (22661)lesbian (81965)lyrabon (2802)meta (15165)nuzzling (3343)official spoiler image (133)shipping (164621)smiling (183376)spoilered image joke (639)squishy cheeks (1781)wink (18676)

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Source is image without "spoiler image" additions – the purple / pink starburst filter thing
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This is my theory, honestly, that they are written as lovers but the writers deny it just to avoid controversy.

Alternative explanation: They’re written as BFFs, but the writers, knowing what pervs the fandom here are, go out of their way to make it look like "friends with benefits" just to troll us.
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