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"The things I do in the name of friendship…"
safe (1521074) artist:dtkraus (446) color edit (6722) trixie (59667) twilight sparkle (273971) alicorn (183458) pony (795690) derpibooru (6598) alternate color palette (392) alternate hair color (247) beret (1600) bodypaint (642) eyes closed (75461) female (845269) grin (31040) mare (386222) meta (15653) official spoiler image (134) paint (1692) paint on feathers (41) paint on fur (404) paintbrush (1400) painting characters (41) recolor (3842) spoilered image joke (635) twilight sparkle (alicorn) (110865) unamused (12701)


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Wesley Foxx
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The Fluffiest
Now do one for "Youtube Caption" with Steven Magnet.

Its too bad almost all of the stuff I spoiler that I see is complex filters, which always display celestia even if one of the Boolean components has its own image.