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"I hate you so much Trixie."
"Say ’Trixie hates you so much Trixie.’"
safe (1426416)artist:dtkraus (444)color edit (6221)trixie (55963)twilight sparkle (259890)alicorn (162883)pony (694368)alternate color palette (376)alternate hair color (227)beret (1431)bodypaint (603)eyes closed (67796)female (758000)grin (27956)mare (334064)paint (1579)paintbrush (1283)painting characters (40)paint on feathers (40)paint on fur (389)recolor (3675)simple background (290116)transparent (631)transparent background (151529)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (101711)unamused (11268)vector (66468)

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Con on Twilight, don’t be grumpy, you now look like your girlfriend! :)

Also, I find it cute that Trixie’s beret has the same design as her hat
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