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Yet One More Idiot
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World's biggest idiot xD
Given the quality of cameras generally, he's probably either using a camera on an old mobile phone, or a webcam. Newer mobile phone cameras and digital cameras would be way better than that.

As someone else who normally has a beard though, I would say that I think he should trim that hedge back a bit. Yeah ok, have a beard, but that doesn't mean it can't still look good! ;)
Project Z

I don't know why this is getting so many downvotes. When I saw this It reminded me how happy and overjoyed I am when I hug and snuggle my plushies. It made me smile so it gets a favorite. This is a fan who is not ashamed to show what he loves and cares for. So I ask you this downvoters why so much hate? Sorry it just confuses me.
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For a site that tries to pride itself on "being excellent to each other," I am disappointed when simple pictures of RL people holding pony merch or enjoying pony are downvoted just because of how they look. How shallow. Even I'm not that much of a jerk. Some of you guys need to check your egos at the door, because I can almost guarantee not many of us would win any beauty contests, myself included.