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Lyra: (size) welcome to hayburger prince how can I help you to day? (In a sarcastic tone)
Spike: oh hay lyra how are you? Berr it cooled out today hu?
Lyra:oh hey spike how are yo…(see's spike with the scarf she was trying to buy)…h-how did y-you get t-that?
Spike: hu? Oh, I saw you looking at it for couple days before going here so I thought I should get it for you it would look very pretty on…?(he see's lyra look at him funny) lyra?
Lyra: come behind the counter.
Spike: what?
Lyra: now.
Spike: (nervously) o-ok.(comes around the counter) so what is iiiaaaahhh!( tackled by lyra to the ground)
Lyra: thank you so much spike now to give you a special dish for that. Hehe
Spike: but are you and bonbon a thing?
Lyra: oh we are, in fact maybe after work we can give you the desert menu hu?
Spike: oh boy.
Random stallion: excuse me can I get a number 5, 4 and a …
Lyra: Can't you read the sign! go away! (the stallion runs away)
Manager: lyra your fired!
Lyra: worth it.