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safe2114632 artist:uotapo1091 apple bloom58820 babs seed6300 diamond tiara11658 scootaloo57764 silver spoon7403 sweetie belle55675 human233800 vampire5580 werewolf1099 wolf2713 equestria girls248847 g41238579 adorababs196 adorabloom3759 animal costume2933 big babs wolf68 blood30487 blood the last vampire1 blood transfusion3 blushing261144 cape14017 clothes610261 costume38086 covering4941 crossover71754 cute256521 cutealoo3729 cutie mark crusaders21954 diamondbetes589 diasweetes3622 dress59366 embarrassed14725 equestria girls-ified13027 evening gloves10526 fangs37958 female1736315 glasses84940 gloves29039 goth3547 gothic649 gothic lolita213 halloween12995 high heels16203 holiday31960 iv39 katana1243 leotard6325 lolita fashion476 looking at you245525 necklace30357 open mouth224545 scooter1530 silverbetes348 sweat38343 sword14470 uotapo is trying to murder us187 uotapo will kill us all14 weapon39962 wings207095 wolf costume208


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Bloodlines are based on “old” World of Darkness “Pen-and-Paper” game universe by White Wolf. Due to some limitations, only 7 Camarilla clans were implemented into the videogame, but there is even more in the source material, modders are implementing them.  
Lasombra is Sabbath-affiliated clan, they are some kind of elegant “social Darwinists”, who can control shadows.
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@Master Fox  
I believe it’s the different types of Vampire you can be in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines.  
[And possibly the rest of the RPG system that game was based on, but I’m not sure on that.]  
Basically: You can choose from different types, each one having their own style and strengths/weaknesses.  
Ventrue: Upper class, high society types.  
Brujah: Fighers, quick to rage.  
Gangrel: Also fighters, but closer to animals, loner types. Beastly.  
Toreador: Artistic types. Creative. Obsessed with Beauty.  
Malkavian: Freaking insane. Can see the future. [Or just crazy.]
Lasombra seems to be a modded expansion type race. Don’t know em~
The game is awesome. If you like Pen ’n Paper style RPG games/Vampire games with heavy atmosphere, and can deal with older style controls/graphics. Then try it!