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safe1554753 artist:vavacung2174 princess celestia88997 princess luna93087 tree of harmony639 oc593162 oc:liberty wing9 oc:paper mache39 bat pony42320 pony825965 comic:to love alicorn75 bat pony luna3 bed35500 cewestia1672 cloak3755 clothes400602 comic99890 cute173508 dialogue58780 eyes closed78331 filly58395 pillow15034 pink-mane celestia2020 plot70438 sleeping21321 smiling209662 speech bubble20026 woona4892


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Background Pony #C74C
always liked the idea that they were both born alicorns……. and yet that is the abnormal method they came into being. the normal one is what goes on with the likes od cadance and twilight.