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safe1555285 artist:anima-dos126 artist:duo cartoonist68 artist:lionheartcartoon104 nightmare moon15889 alicorn190894 bat pony42345 bat pony alicorn1444 pony826491 the moon rises44 animated90995 bat wings5131 bedroom eyes50468 castle1629 crown13479 cute173520 ethereal mane6236 evil laugh375 eyeshadow12651 fangs21556 female879414 flapping674 gif27413 grin32182 laughing6967 looking at you140468 makeup17129 mare404198 moonabetes273 moonbat22 open mouth120320 raised eyebrow6094 raised hoof37886 redesign1634 slit eyes3958 smiling209779 smirk10646 smooth as butter36 solo959184 spread wings46789 unshorn fetlocks21638


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Pomegranates :P
Funny how a lot of fans were expecting the villain for the MLP movie to be like this before we were subjected to movie spoilers.