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It’s Derpy! Derpy wants a hug!
safe1970626 artist:badumsquish2285 derpibooru exclusive34711 part of a set18335 derpy hooves53992 pegasus406196 pony1322319 badumsquish is trying to murder us172 badumsquish's kitties177 behaving like a dog1554 c:1302 cute236039 derpabetes3325 female1602301 front view1321 hnnng2626 looking at you216865 looking up20672 looking up at you787 mare617797 show accurate23276 sitting78559 smiling330885 solo1267700 weapons-grade cute4293


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Background Pony #06AB
That’s my pony so of course I’m going to hug her, and kiss her, and house her.
And squeese her and pet her and name her gordge.
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will return
@Background Pony #5F9A  
it’s a new feature. when you post you get a 15 minute window in which you can edit your comment. after that the edit button vanishes and it’s written in stone. i’m unsure if you can do it as bp, though. i’ll find out for you right now.
edit: yes, as anon posters can use it but unregistered bp’s can’t. just one more reason to register today if you haven’t already done so!

@Deon Miller  
badumsquish previously said that they’ll be doing one for each member of the “Background Six”. Pinkie isn’t one of ’em, but hey:  
Cross your fingers,  
Cross your toes,  
And your arms,  
And legs,  
And nose!
Background Pony #C5FA
If he goes on with these, we could use a “badumsquish’s sitting ponies” tag or something to that extent.