ART HIATUS ((Here's why))

✫彡Moodiness Expressミ★
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Addicted To TwiFags
I've had…
THE WORST 4th of july ever!! even worse than when my mom was drunk and those of you who deal with drunk family members, know how that can be.
Apparently…My phone…

Might be crunked. (Just saying..)

Buuuuuuuuuuuut~ (ha but(t). XP)

All is not lost! (more or less because life is garbage for me unfortunately.)

If my phone is out there alive and well, more art will be coming soon!! :DDDDDD

But if not,

Well..Yeah. No art so lets not wish for that to happen. ;w;

I wouldnt be surprised even if it did be done because life just loves to grab me, drag me to the farthest and darkest corner and rape me in the asshole senselessly until the wake of day that i hate waking up to. every. single. FUCKING-
Ill stop there before i get poetic. When depressed and venting, i turn into garble. ;=.=

Anyways, what im saying is, no drawing possibly for a while or forever ;-;

So, i love ya guys!
While your here, i wouldnt want you to waste your time reading this god awful dramatic short-rant with nothing to gain from this experience afterwards, so, Go ahead and request something! For free! We are all gucci mah fam!(since when do i say that and why!?)

So that's all i have to say. I'll be on my computer here, on discord, or on ponytown. Read my bio for info on my art and my discord tag is there too!

Remember i love you, buh-bye, not that you care! You probably didnt even finish reading…What if im typing to no one? what if no one cares enough to read this whole thing!? WHO AM I AND WHAT AM I!? Oh well…Now if you need me, ill be crying in the shower so i wont have the heart breaking ability feel and tell apart my petty tears! Bye!
✫彡Moodiness Expressミ★
Artist -

Addicted To TwiFags
Well, this gal gonna pull through! My aunt found it and was nice enough for once to put it in a bag of rice for me! Im testing it out right now! Hella depressed but art is my fine china~! Hopefully it works fine and i didnt lose anything!
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