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I'll take free commissions and draw what you'd like for free tomorrow! Leave me your requests and i'll get too them! TYSM!

Basically, i'm out of ideas and love drawing (especially for people :3).

Thanks! Also i'm working on a Fanfic in the fanfiction forums!
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@Prince Areo
Shit fetish (It grosses me out)
Fart fetish (same as #1)
Hate art/posts (Im drama free)
Inflation (Not my thing :/)
Hyper inflation (Not my thing either X/)
Impossibly large (I find it weird)
Anything with needles or cutting i will not do ;~; (It triggers me)
Hard pregnancy (just a simple belly is okay, i guess. :3)
Foot fetish (I find it weird)
Breast and penis vore XP (I find it really weird)
Dirty diapers >~< (same as #1 and #2)
Digestion (not my thing)
Dirty Anal (same as-ah you get the point)
Disposal (Nope.)
Fat (Not my thing)
Inflatable (Not my thing.)
Muscle fetish (It's weird to me.)
Naval fetish (weeeeeeiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrdddddddd)
Heart fetish (It freaks me out)

Sorry for the late reply, i got busy.
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Blossomforth in some sexy lingerie please? :D

Also, I'm ashamed to admit that I had no idea we had a fanfiction forum until I saw this post
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Can you draw Twilight Sparkle getting porked by tentacles and having her tits sucked by "suction tentacles" like in this model (e-hentai(dot)org/s/3ec8971ff2/443758-28) but with a shocked ahegao face and wearing her coronation dress from Magical Mystey Cure in tatters (so we can see her breasts) plus her "big crown thingy" on her head.Bonus point if you add a speech balloon with Twilight saying "Uguuuu" (Sorry,i'm in a big anime mood nowadays XD)
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No matter…I learn from my mistakes. I know not to do this anymore, and ill do better next time. There’s no such thing as an artist with no downvotes…Well atleast in some cases. ;.

Anyways. I’ll do something the community loves. I was just an idea that came to my mind but not everyone wants to see this kind of stuff. I made the same mistake i always do: Not thinking before i do something.

The next thing i post will a good piece that will be something hopefully enjoyable that will give the message: I’m sorry for my mistake, but i will keep trying until things get better!

That’s what i strive to do. I will keep trying, no matter how many downvotes i receive. Becoming an artist on derpibooru was the best idea, because now i can accomplish more with my art. Some day, Some how, I will get there. Not today, nor tomorrow, nor next week, maybe not even in a year, but it will happen some day. Ill be the best artist i can be. Downvote away derpibooru, I’m ready because now i know there’s always something to fix, something to try again for, new things to learn and plenty more opportunities to try again.

Like i said, i love the community. There’s no reason to be salty over downvotes. Anyways, ill stop protesting on this thread like a weirdo and stop here. Tomorrow is another day.
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Wallet After Summer Sale -

If you want, you could draw some Tempest. I'm terrible at asking specifics and I don't know what reference to use. Anything goes for me.
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Wallet After Summer Sale -
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@Crippling Depression
Ending in 3 d[y]ays!!

Thank you all so much for your patience.
I promise to all of you i'll finish your requests. I've been busy. Sorry!

Have a great day/night! :3
I hope you're feeling okay. Thank you for being such a kind person!
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