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Size: 1772x2599 | Tagged: safe, artist:shieltar, part of a set, twilight sparkle, pony, unicorn, comic:giant twilight, butt, comic, cute, dialogue, ethereal mane, ethereal tail, female, galaxy, giant pony, giant twilight sparkle, giantess, growth, high res, jewelry, large butt, macro, mare, necklace, part of a series, pony bigger than a galaxy, pony bigger than a planet, pony bigger than a solar system, pony bigger than a star, pony heavier than a black hole, pony heavier than a galaxy, signature, size difference, solo, space, spankable plot, starry mane, starry tail, stars, tangible heavenly object, the ass was fat, thicc ass, twiabetes, twibutt, twilight has a big ass, unicorn twilight
Background Pony #A36B
Great to see all the donations, ive sent one myself. I hope it helps :)
Size: 1200x1697 | Tagged: safe, artist:pia-sama, octavia melody, rainbow dash, spike, oc, oc:tri horn, dragon, earth pony, pegasus, unicorn, anthro, comic:rogue diamond, emanata, grenade, horn, multiple horns, tricorn
Iron Storm

Raggedy Man
No, I'm serious. It's terrible for your teeth. Your more likely to actually shatter teeth than pull a pin with your teeth. Those are not weak pins at all. There deliberately made to require a lot of force.

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