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Size: 999x494 | Tagged: safe, rarity, idw, spoiler:comic, spoiler:friendship in disguise, spoiler:friendship in disguise01, arcee, transformers
Background Pony #1356
@William Flutter
Yeah. Arcee was designed to look like Princess Leia because the original Star Wars Trilogy inspired many of the elements of the Transformers movie. That is why the Transformers movie is conceived in the epic tradition of the Star Wars franchise according to the first theatrical/promotional teaser trailer of the film that is shown to investors. That was the same teaser trailer which features a fair bit of test footage that was either changed or cut before the film’s release, together with a few lines of unique narration by Victor Caroli. This even included the Autobot shuttle being colored very differently, Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime having his Autobot insignia above his flame emblem instead of on it, Blurr painted blue and purple instead of blue and white, Ultra Magnus originally gonna have the same Diaclone colors as Power Convoy A.K.A. Delta Magnus, Autobot City being mostly white like it’s component Metroplex in addition, Unicron in robot mode having an Orange mohawk and has no beard which ends up in one scene of the final film, and the early concept design of the Matrix that Galvatron’s wearing around his neck in this teaser trailer is a a glowing-pink wireframe which may be the bottle/jar holding the Life Spark of Optimus Prime, which was in early version of the film before being replaced and finalized by as the Matrix of Leadership in the final film since Life Sparks were described as small glowing versions of the Transformers to whom they belong. This teaser trailer is actually released during production of the film and based on early draft of the film. It was also the same tease trailer which featured scenes that we would have love to see in the final film such as an extended shot of Unicron opening his maw while head towards the plant Lithone, Unicron’s other pincer piercing the surface of Lithone, Unicron dragging Lithone towards his maw, Unicron’s inner workings have a much more organic appearance to them. Hot Rod, Arcee, and Daniel calling on the holoprojectors while onboard their shuttles, Blurr taking cover from an explosion during the Battle of Autobot City, Ultra Magnus and Preceptor helping Arcee and Springer transform the rest of Autobot City before telling Blaster to radio Optimus Prime on Moonbase One, Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Thundercracker, Skywarp, and the other Decepticons flying straight towards and past by the camera during the Battle of Autobot City, a deleted shot of Unicron floating through space, the alternate shot of Galvatron standing on top of Unicron who’s maw is close instead of open, Galvatron falling inside Unicron as he Transformers, before reappearing outside of him, and a deleted close up of Galvatron after the narrator/Victor Caroli says “You’ll know you have been watching a movie that is destined to bring back audiences again and again.”
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Size: 1920x1080 | Tagged: safe, artist:is_a_ponye, king sombra, oc, oc:alicorn named tom, anthro, fallout equestria, downloadable content, fallout, fallout 4, fallout 4 equestria mod, mod, post-apocalyptic, queen umbra, raider, rule 63
midnight lust

so after some testing i found out it mix up the load order, it made the mane mod go higher and i wasnt able to move it back making it CTD even if i got my lord order fixed it just mix it every time i load up in the game, if that makes sense.
Size: 2778x4000 | Tagged: safe, artist:anelaponela, princess skystar, queen novo, oc, classical hippogriff, hippogriff, my little pony: the movie, ear fluff, female, looking at you, redesign, simple background, teeth, translated in the comments, transparent background, travelersverse, wings
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Pubilq Phirm
This should be my final trip to Google Translate of the day


  • status - creatures
  • domain - animals
  • type - beasts
  • class - hybrid beasts
  • family - flying hybrids
  • genus - griffins
  • species - reasonable griffin
  • subspecies - common griffin, axex, keysong, opinicus, hippogriff

brief information

A hippogriff is a hybrid of a griffin (of any subspecies) and a four-hoofed creature. Most hippogriffs are made up of a griffin and a regular pony. No hippogriffs have been seen with horns, leading to the conclusion that the unicorn-griffin hybrid does not possess a horn. But hippogriffs were seen both with front cat paws (if the griffon parent was Opinicus), and without wings at all (if the griffon parent was Keysong).
Most hippogriffs are descendants of hippogriffs that survived the War of Sky and Water, and are therefore able to change their body shape to that of a hippocampus. Those who are not descendants cannot change form.


When the griffins lived in isolation, there were cases when the griffon kidnapped (most often pegasus or earth ponies) and raped ponies (mostly as a way to satisfy the need for mating during estrus). Baby hippogriffs were either killed at birth or taken and raised. If they passed the test at the age of majority (like all griffins), then they became full members of a disunited society. Both because of the reason for the birth, and because of the attitude in childhood (as weak freaks), many hippogriffs grew up cruel, arrogant and aggressive. Many, due to disagreements in the groups, left the griffins to meet other hippogriffs. Hippogriffs, thanks to a well-understood ancestor, are more social than griffins, which is why they quickly gathered in large groups, tribes.
After some time, in the manner of the griffins, the hippogriffs decided to capture the hippocampuses, which were located near the territories of the hippogriffs. The war between them was called the “Sky and Water War” and ended with a powerful creature from the bowels of the water that merged hippogriffs and hippocampuses together. Now they could take the form of either a hippogriff or a hippocampus with the help of a magical pearl.


Like all sentient beings, hippogriffs are omnivores, but they mainly feed on seafood, fruits, vegetables, plants, seeds, and birds.


The tenderness of the hippocampus and the rudeness of the griffins mingled in the hippogriffs. Mating dances are a combination of smooth and abrupt movements. Partners can start dancing and end up in a fight (more of a playful fight than a real one). Courtship consists of food donations, displays of speed and agility, singing and dancing. They are polygamous, usually up to 4 adults, with the whole flock caring for the eggs.

Place of residence

The hippogriffs have a state with small villages/cities (the hippogriffs have few settlements, but they have a lot of people) and a capital. The capital is located on the outskirts of the mainland, where huge pieces of land (floating islands) float across the sky. The most important building is the Double/Double Castle, which is a structure above and below water that is the same. It is there that the ruling elite lives and it is here that the magic pearl is located.
Size: 1024x1520 | Tagged: safe, artist:anelaponela, griffon, keythong, alternate universe, axex, cyrillic, headcanon, opinicus, russian, travelersverse
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The DA description on this one is quite long. Let’s see if it all fits into a single comment here. As always, Google was my translator.

I’ll tell you about hippogriffs another time D_D


  • status - creatures
  • domain - animals
  • type - beasts
  • class - hybrid beasts
  • family - flying hybrids
  • genus - griffins
  • species - reasonable griffin
  • subspecies - common griffin, axex, keysong, opinicus, hippogriff
Original article: (took from there, but modified it to my own opinion)​​​‌‌​ ‌​​​ ​‌​​​

brief information

  • Griffin common. These creatures are usually medium in size. They are usually a mixture of a bird and a big cat. There are sharp teeth inside the beak. Physical differences between females and males are minimal.
    Griffins are territorial creatures. They are oviparous.
  • Akseks - they look like ordinary griffins, but all paws are bird’s. As a rule, their bodies are leaner than those of the common griffin.
  • Opinicus - look like ordinary griffins, but all paws are cat’s. As a rule, their bodies are more powerful and muscular than those of the common griffin.
  • Keysong - look like ordinary griffins, but without wings. The physique does not differ in any way from the ordinary griffin.
  • A hippogriff is a mixture of an ordinary griffin and someone from the horse family. I will tell about them another time.
Because they are all subspecies, they can interbreed freely.

Past and present

Their territoriality goes deep into the past. When they were semi-sentient, a pair of griffins owned their hunting grounds, their territory. They were very divided. Little by little, couples began to share territories with their brothers, sisters, other griffins.
Now, although they have become more social animals, their territoriality and isolation still remain. They have a hard time making friends.


Like all sentient beings, griffins are omnivores, but they mainly feed on meat, fish, and other livestock products.


Griffins put physical strength in the first place, not mental abilities. It is because of this that they have fights in their culture that take place in special places. Fights solve some disputes, problems. Also, in order to get a high position in politics, the griffin must pass the battle as the last test.
Although fighting is still common, this tradition is slowly fading away. Griffins began to pay more attention to the mind, charisma and other things.


They are monogamous, but do not consider it shameful to leave a partner if he is weak, both in body and spirit. The differences between females and males are minimal, so they are equal partners. However, the “main” partner is still selected in the pair, who, according to the traditions of the past, would protect the “junior” partner. To assign roles, fights are held. The winner becomes the “master”. This title is not posthumous, re-fights can be held at any time. The number of battles is not limited.

egg laying

When the griffins lived in small groups (2-3 pairs), the question arose of protecting the eggs. After all, it is difficult and dangerous to protect three separate houses with eggs. Therefore, the practice appeared to unite the eggs of all in pairs in one zone - Masonry (the name of the building). They were kept there until hatching. After hatching, this building became a “kindergarten” in which griffon babies sat with a nanny while their parents hunted or engaged in other activities.
At present, this practice is still common, but now the clutch serves only the function of storing eggs. The kindergarten is usually located nearby, so it happens that both of these buildings are called Masonry.
The griffins who were in the same clutch call each other sister-in-masonry or brother-in-masonry.
We must also not forget about the religiosity of this rite. Believing griffins believe that the Masonry is a special place where the spirits will see their children and bless the eggs. This is another reason for the prevalence of clutches.

Country and Great Nests

(much of which is taken from the Dunmer from the Elder Scrolls series of games)
The country in which griffins live is called Griffonia. This territory is governed by the Grand Council, which is made up of the Great Nests.
The Great Nests are gryphon organizations originally descended from the clans of settled gryphons. The Great Nests are a kind of political parties that control the areas of the same name in the territory of Griffonia. Griffons belong to the Nests by birth or marriage, and some Nests now also employ outsiders.
The composition of the Great Nests includes the so-called Small Nests - vassal families, weaker than the Great Nests.
Some information about each of the current Great Nests (no names):
  1. A nest of knowledge and magic (Gryphons can control magic, but only with the help of devices, such as wands, magic spheres, etc.). The most isolated Nest in relation not only to strangers, but also to other Nests. They are strong but divided. Fortunately, they are not interested in politics and power.
    It is here that most of the griffins live, which are half owls and half leopards (snow cats)
  2. A nest of fish and slavery. They are the main suppliers of fish to griffins. In the past, when the slavery of sea ponies was legal, they actively used slave power, not ashamed to turn into slaves and land animals (griffins, ponies, camels, etc.). Officially, they no longer hold slaves, but who knows what really happens with them.
  3. Food nest. Located in fertile areas. Mostly different animals are grown, but plants also grow.
  4. Most griffins of small sizes live here.
  5. Warriors Nest. They have the strongest, but not the largest troops in Griffonia. They revere ancient traditions (and especially with battles), religion, and loyalty to their Nest. The strongest, but not the smartest.
  6. Nest of religion. They are openly hostile to the cultures and religions of other beings.
  7. A nest of trade and thieves. They revere ancient traditions, but they know how to find profit in everything, even in other people’s pockets.
Due to the wrong choice of griffins in the Great Council, as well as unsuccessful elections to high positions, the entire Griffonia was plunged into civil strife. The Griffins began to realize that strong muscles are not the only indicator of a good leader. Now Griffonia is trying to recover from the upheavals, a new council has been chosen, consisting of leaders less familiar to them. The country is slowly licking its wounds, but not all problems have been solved yet.


Griffins are fans of collecting and gathering. They can collect both gold and beautiful pebbles.
Each family has its own family values, which are passed down from generation to generation. Family treasures are very much guarded by griffins. If they show them to you, then you are very close to them.
Size: 900x2447 | Tagged: dead source, safe, artist:veggie55, night light, shining armor, twilight velvet, pony, unicorn, awkward, book, coffee mug, comic, comically missing the point, cute, disapproval, female, floppy ears, frown, funny, glare, glowing, glowing horn, grin, hoof hold, horn, levitation, literal minded, magic, male, mare, marriage proposal, missing the point, misunderstanding, nervous, night light is not amused, not this shit again, open mouth, reading, recliner, ring, shining adorable, shining armor is a goddamn moron, shipping denied, smiling, stallion, telekinesis, unamused, veggie you magnificent bastard, wavy mouth, wedding ring
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Not a Trap
Night Light: not this shit agian
Shining: So how did I do dad?
Night Light: if your IQ test has anything to say about it, then I would so stop trying it out on me and just do it
Size: 2969x2094 | Tagged: safe, artist:badumsquish, derpibooru exclusive, octavia melody, earth pony, goo, goo pony, original species, pony, color change, couch, door, dreamworks face, female, looking at you, meltavia, melting, puddle, shapeshifter, shapeshifting, smiling, smirk, solo, species swap, tentacles, vinyl and octavia's home
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Element Of Luck
“WHAT THE…?! Tavi, what is this?!”
“Why didn’t you tell me you had these weird abilites…”
“Vinyl, I…”
“…because I absolutely LOVE it! There are so many things I wanna test this on!”
“…wait. You’re not mad that I was keeping this secret from you?”
“Heh, not a chance. Woulda done the same thing in your shoes, Tavi.”
“I’m…glad to hear that. It’s quite a relief, honestly.”
Size: 2316x3300 | Tagged: safe, artist:manic-the-lad, rainbow dash, equestria girls, a dash of everything, ashleigh ball, clothes, cosplay, costume, hoodie, sonic the hedgehog, sonic the hedgehog (series), voice actor joke
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Artist -

The Original Wonder Boy.
@Wild Stallions
People are saying Tails based off of her range, especially since she was one of those smart sisters on Johnny Test.
Though, she could be anyone! I’m really excited!
Size: 1200x1552 | Tagged: safe, artist:deusexequus, cozy glow, starlight glimmer, twilight sparkle, alicorn, pegasus, pony, unicorn, comic:fix, comic, female, filly, foal, frown, mare, open mouth, open smile, sitting, smiling, speech bubble, trio, trio female, twilight sparkle (alicorn)
Red Cedar
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Trust Twilight to make a list that could test the structural integrity of a building. I wonder if there’s any parchment left in Equestria?

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