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DeusExKittycoon's Commissions

General information
Profile: DeusExKittycoon
Status: Open
Price Range: $15.00 - $100.00 USD

Commission work is my literal bread and butter today. I’m taking orders for more work always and working toward quicker turnout rates within 24 hours for most projects. As the queue increases so will turnout times but in the unlikely event of me finding work otherwise I am available 24/7.
Contact information
You may note me here or
Discord: deusexkittycoon#5742
Furaffinity: Deusexkittycoon
Will draw/create
Very adept at drawing ponies, furries, pokemon, and sci-fantasy settings.
Will not draw/create
No Scat, daipers, or malicious images toward an individual. Please have permission from the owner if a character is not yours. Excludes canon characters.
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Available Items and Prices
ExampleDescriptionBase PriceAdd-Ons
Size: 1280x681 | Tagged: artist:deusexkittycoon, balls, bedroom eyes, bipedal, bipedal leaning, blowjob, boobjob, clothes, crotchboobjob, crotchboobs, drool, drool string, earth pony, explicit, female, impossibly large crotchboobs, leaning, male, mare, mouth hold, nipples, nudity, oc, oc only, oc:sharpy heavenstorm, oc:smoldering ash, open mouth, oral, panties, pegasus, penis, pony, sex, side, stallion, straight, underwear, wet panties
Colored Sketch

Sketched and colored. Optional solid or soft colors
$15.00Add character 3rd + $8.00
Size: 2142x2130 | Tagged: alicorn, artist:deusexkittycoon, balls, blue, cum, cum trail, explicit, fluffy, green eyes, horn, male, mottled, nudity, oc, oc:akuna heavenstorm, penis, pony, solo, wings
Flat Color

Flat colored image with optional colored lineart
$20.00Additional character 10$
Multiple edits 2$ per edit
Size: 1800x2282 | Tagged: anal insertion, anthro, artist:deusexkittycoon, breasts, dickgirl, dildo, explicit, futa, insertion, intersex, masturbation, nipples, nudity, oc, oc only, sex, sex toy, short mane, short tail, shower, solo, solo futa, unicorn
Fully Shaded

Full shaded image with optional colored lineart
$40.003rd character + 20$
Per edit (3rd +) 5$
Size: 705x800 | Tagged: animated, anus, artist:deusexkittycoon, balls, blinking, bow, butt shake, explicit, face down ass up, gif, horsecock, looking back, male, monochrome, nudity, oc, oc only, penis, ponut, pony, solo, solo male, stallion, tail bow, taint, wiggle

Animated sketches
$70.00One second or less looping sketch animation only. 2 chars max 3rd + 25$
Size: 578x800 | Tagged: anal, animated, anus, artist:deusexkittycoon, bouncing, explicit, female, looking at you, looking back, looking back at you, male, mare, nudity, oc, oc only, offscreen character, penetration, penis, pony, pov, reverse cowgirl, sex, sky, stars, straight, unicorn

Animated gifs start at 100$ per second of animation. Full video projects start at 500$ and 100$/sec after first 15 seconds.
$100.003rd character +25$ fee

Note: seconds of animation only count toward a unique set of animation. Reused frames to make the animation longer are free.