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I'm actually a Javacrucian. But I studied the Teasophalist way and I do find comfort in their practices, and I've been fortunate to officiate at some events that included Japanese tea ceremonies.

Although, I must remind you, all those errant and false caffeine religions will eventually find their home in The True Bean.
Derpy Whooves
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All of the action movies in the 80's lived up to the hype.

The 90's kicked ass, too.

Neither decade has anything to apologize for.

That's right — I'm looking at you, the 00's.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Dark lord of the sith
@Derpy Whooves
Everybody worships the Nolan films, which is perfectly fine, I have nothing against them, they’re well made films

But in my humble opinion, the title for “best Batman movie” actually goes to either Mask of Phantasm
Or return of the joker

As good as Heath ledger was, I still think that Mark hamil is best joker by far

Of course, Heath AND Jack Nicholson did great work, so I have no qualms with anyone who prefers either one of them
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