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Derpi users Birthday games (See first post for info)

Started by Toyminator900
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Sitе Mexican
So for the popularity that the image got, I decided to make a forum thread for it.

Here are some rules (more might be added in the future).

1. First 31 users will be the ones that will be on the game.

2. If you don’t make it to the image, be patient and wait until the next one.

3. Also understand that I have other responsibilities, I have school, I have art I want to do, I have commissions to do, etc. So again, please be patient if you make it to the next image but I take a while to do it.

4. I’ll try to make these as often as I can, but there will be no certain pattern, like every week/month/etc. They’ll be made when I have time to.
(I’ll notify with a post when the next people will be selected

1. You may choose between Yourself/your OC/canon character (if you choose OC, provide the image)

2. If both users want to RP their outcome, they can through PM (Private Message)

1. I could make one SFW, one NSFW, one SFW and so on.

2. If you want a specific date, put it on your post

If there are any suggestions please tell me.

The next people on the game will be
(Not actual date)

1. LeoNero
2. Sumii1213 ♡
3. mjangelvortex
4. Mellow Rhythm
5. MK Pony Mod
6. Cyan Lightning
7. Toyminator900
8. Count Adramélekh Sear ov the Far East
9. ILoveMyoozik
10. Dirty Bit
11. nooby
12. SD50-2
13. wumbl3
14. SGX-II
15. Twi_Clown

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