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Random facts of yourself thread

Started by PaperBagPony
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Me outside:

Me inside:
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I can’t believe my very first Godzilla movie I’ve ever watched in my life was the 1998 version. (The inbred weakling Goji) My parents had a bad taste of any Godzilla movies because they think that version is better than the original Japanese version of him.

Thank goodness for MonsterVerse.
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The first horror movie I remember watching was The Ring back when I was just a little kid. That was back in 2005 maybe… I remember being after to be in the same room as the TV.

I soon developed a love for slasher films after I watches the first Friday The 13th movie when I was ten. Since I have been an avid fan of those movies that simply revolve around a bunch of dumb teenagers running from a guy with a knife.

I root for the killer…
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I still cant believe i got away with wearing a shirt back in middle school, with a picture of a devil head and at the bottom of it it said "Horny Devil"
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Equality - In our state, we do not stand out.

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I had a weird dream about Harleys and pistols.

The weird part is the hogs were dirt bike class cc and the guns were small caliber rifle rounds.

How am I suppose to rattle some panties with that?

Must be the meds I’m on.
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